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RE: filmscanners: Laptop configuration

Thanks Tom.
Do laptops upgradeable on memory ??
With desktop PCs I have no problems to stick additional DIMMs by myself, but
never considered to do that with laptop. Should I just open it up ?
What kind of DIMMs are suitable for laptops ? (just regular one or some kind
of slim-design
boards ?)

Is this Adaptec 1480 PCCard SCSI device PCMCIA card ? (The laptop has one
PCMCIA slot which usually taken up by network card when used at work, but
can be switched to another PCMCIA
easily if necessary)

regards, Alex
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The SS4000 is only SCSI, so you need a SCSI solution for your laptop.
Luckily that is not very difficult. I use the Adaptec 1480 PCcard SCSI card
with my IBM Laptop and it should work fine with your Compaq. Here's more
information at Adaptec (this url just transfers you, as the real URL is too


You can also go with the slightly cheaper Adaptec 1460:


The only difference is that the 1480 is 32-bit and the 1460 is 16-bit, but
with a scanner, the difference would be small.

Your biggest problem is your 'horsepower'. You're light on memory. You
should at least look into more memory. A 256Mb SODIMM is about $50 right now
(www.crucial.com). If you machine can accept two (and I think it should),
than for $100 you'll have enough memory.  Do what I do with my work
laptop -- upgrade it myself and then put the old stuff back in if I have to
return it for any reason <G>.  The processor is fairly slow too, but memory
is more important.

If you HAVE to go USB, the SS4000 isn't for you, although the SS4000+ has

Hope this helps.


> Hi All.
> The question is host platform-related which will be supposed to work with
> 4000 dpi scanner.
> I'm planning on SS4000 in some (hopefully near future) which will be
> supposed to be controlled by a laptop which also serves as host for image
> download.
> First of all, the laptop is given me as my work computer so I have not
> choices to play around with his exact configuration, but rather would like
> to realize something in regard to his power.
> The laptop is of Compaq Pressario series, having Celeron 330 MHz CPU, 192
> SDRAM and around 4-6 GB hard disk overall capacity (1 USB port, CD-ROM
> and floppy are included
> of course as standard configuration)
> I understand this implies certain restrictions on the connectivity type to
> the scanner being able to interface through USB protocol only (neither
> IEEE1394, nor SCSI).
> Basically I don't intend to use complex image processing, but rather
> general necessary image correction procedures (like sharp/unshap masking,
> dust/scratch off,
> rotating and perhaps some kind of basic color corrections) using common
> software
> like PaintPro or Photoshop.
> Do you think this laptop will be able to handle those tasks admirably or
> more powerful
> CPU is mandatory for that ? There is no question about much more powerful
> CPU though,
> the only possible option might be some kind of Pentium II (let's say 400
> MHz) but with less memory (128 MB). What do you think ?
> Bottom line: 330 MHz Celeron CPU + 192 MB SDRAM vs 400 MHz PII + 128 MB
> The display isn't an issue since for any kind of serious visual work it
> be tied to normal 20" monitor instead of his regular 15" LCD.
> Thanks in advance, Alex
> Sincerely,
> Alex


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