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Re: FW: filmscanners: Can't download Silverfast 5.2

At 11:08 AM 10/14/01 +0100, you wrote:

> >I am sorry you found my post useless.
>I wrote unrelated to the problem, there is a difference.

Actually I found the post to be redundant with prior discussion about the 
charges to update Silverfast,
and as such both useless, and unrelated to the problem being discussed.  I 
have Nikonscan, Vuescan
and Silverfast and acquired them in that order.  I never use Nikonscan 
because it crashes far too often,
rarely use Vuescan (although it IS easy to use for reasonable, quick 
results), and use Silverfast on
both my flatbed (where it was bundled) and transparency scanner.  All 
software has pros and cons.
You pay your money, take your chances, and hopefully get what you pay 
for.  There are different
marketing strategies for every product:  high volume commodity pricing, low 
volume high value pricing
or somewhere in between.  I personally find Ian's advice to be useful and 
have auditioned products
that he has reviewed and found those reviews to be relevant and helpful for me.

Ian and several others post useful information which helps to override the 
noise level of many other
posts.   While that is the nature of the list or any list, personal attacks 
on folks online or offline are

I have intentionally not included my web site address since it may be 
viewed as self-serving.

Best Regards,
Steve Norvich

(signature file intentionally deleted)


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