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Re(2): filmscanners: Canadian pricing on the Sprintscan 4000

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001 15:07:12 -0700, Arthur Entlich wrote:

>Obviously, what happened is the refurb was in their supply chain from
>when the SS4000 was selling, as it had been here in Canada, for $2200. 
>So, the reburb was discounted about $400 CAN.
>The company then added the new listing showing the new pricing for new
>SS4000 scanners to their website, at $1299 CAN and neglected to notice
>or adjust the refurb model still in the system.  Big whoop...

In fact, I have contacted them about that. Did you know Polaroid had two
different SS4000 models? I'm not talking about the "refurb", but about
that "WIN" model compared to the "WIN/MAC" model. Same machine, different
softwares? special cables/interface? Updated version? Never got an
answer, from them anyway...

>Wow, that's a "really big error" that shows Polaroid's incompetence,
>doesn't it?

You said that...
I would say it shows some communication flaws. What I'm more concerned
with is the fact that this was the kind of information I got when I was
searching for SS4000 in Canada. 

>If that's the kind of thing that turns you off a whole brand of
>products, I've got some Nikon stories that will make your toes curl!

I wrote: "This is ONE reason why Nikon finally had my business... sorry
Note that I didn't wrote "THE" reason! Adding that to Polaroid's
financial situation rumors and dust problems discussed here sure didn't
help too...

And Art, I got horror stories too (and for almost all the hardware
companies I know and buy from...). So, thanks for caring... now I know that
I'm not the only one with curly toes! :-)

>Now, if you want to be upset, compare the US pricing to that of Canada,
>even after exchange rates.  I figured I could import the SS4000,
>including all duties, taxes and shipping it twice to get it here through
>the US for a savings of over $500 CAN ($320 US).
>Now, that's something to be upset about!

You're right, and that was a big reason for not going with Polaroid... (and
David already knew as I wrote to him about that when I was about to make
a decision).

Finally, you will be pleased to know that I made my final decision on
practical tests: I have tested 4 differents scanners (couldn't find a SS
4000 to test...), and the LS 4000 was the clear winner of the batch.

Have a good day!

Raymond Carles


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