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filmscanners: Re: switching of nikonscan colour management


> when I switched off Nikons colour management system I got a fantastic colour
> preview - (with some sort of grid over it)  it looked like just what I had
> been striving for in colour
> but...
> when I had got the scan a few minutes later, it opened way off in colour
> (far far too dark,  nothing at all like the preview

Hi, Paul,

what about opening in *another* image editing application - same effect?
I have had the same problem with PS 5.5LE, the other way round - my
files would open too bright which is why I don't use PS 5.5LE that much. 

> no matter what I do in Photoshop - assign profile, dont assign profile,
> assign and convert ... it stays that way - completely out of wack.
> what am I doing wrong?

Just in case there's still something important to be set in your copy of
Nikon Scan - I'll append the settings I use in text form. I use NS 2.5
which may be slightly different from 3.1, however.

> also I don't understand, if cms is off, then what is in sRGB - your photo
> editor?

Sorry for misleading you - it's actually RGB, not sRGB. I misread.

> (there is no 'preview mode' in ns 3.1 for windows, so it can't be set to
> "lo-cont neutral")

I have heard there's no such menu item with the newer Coolscans (LS-40
and 4000). If you are using one of those, you most likely won't find it.
Maybe the newer Nikon models can go without it - however, the LS-30

<my settings>

      Preview Gamma: 2.2
      Use Preview Gamma: Checked
      Everything else: Unchecked
   Color Management:
      Use Nikon Color Management: Unchecked
      Use Factory Default Monitor Profile: Checked
      Everything else: Unchecked
      Nothing to check or choose from
         Perform Autoexposure Before Prewiev: Checked
         Perform Autoexposure Before Scan: Checked
         Perform Autofocus Before Scan: Checked
         Enable Live Preview Updates: Checked
         Everything else: Unchecked
         White Point Calculations:
            All numeric values to "255"
            All percentage values to "0"
         Black Point Calculations:
            All numeric values to "0"
            All percentage values to "100"
         Auto Contrast Calculations:
            0 percent excluded
Scanner Extras:
   Clean Image: On (Normal)
   Manual Focus Adjustment: 0 (not used by me)
   Analog Gain: Usually between .25 and 1 ("Master" Channel)
   Scanner Extras:
      Interpolation Method: Bilinear
      Prescan Mode: Lo-cont neutral
      Pixel Data Size
         Scan Bit Depth: 8 (cannot be changed)

</my settings>

Best regards -


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