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Re: filmscanners: Computer System Recommendations


(1) Gobs of RAM.  Photoshop needs 3 (or was it 5?) times the amount 
of RAM available to it as the size of the image you are editing. 
This is for the history, etc. buffers.  A full-frame, 4,000 DPI 35mm 
scan will be about 120MB, so you'll need at least 360MB available to 
Photoshop unless you want to spend all your time hitting the disk and 
slowing your system to a crawl.  RAM is so cheap I'd get a GB.

(2) A huge hard disk (or two or three...).  I sucked up 10GB of HD 
space in the first week of playing with my new LS4000ED.  I've been 
using firewire hard drives to great effect to extend the storage on 
my system.

(3) A 21" monitior such as the Mitusbishi Diamond Pro 2060u. I have 
the 2040u and love it!  I also have a more expensive Sony GDMF500R 
which is more expensive and less sharp :-(.  The bigger the monitor 
the faster your workflow will be; when you zoom in to do spotting, 
when you compare images side-by-side, etc.

(4) PhotoCal and the Monitor Spyder for calibrating and profiling your monitor.

(5) A DVD RAM or CD-R drive to archive your scans.

(6) Firewire.

Any modern system is likely to have a fast enough CPU, internal bus, 
etc. such that the above considerations will have much greater effect.



At 7:14 AM -0400 4-10-01, GNUNEMAKER@aol.com wrote:
>Looking to upgrade our current system and would appreciate specifications
>from the list.  Need typical PC based business machine (Microsoft Products)
>and the strongest possible system to support our scanning and photography
>habit.  Would greatly appreciate input on specifications. 
>Will use Polaroid Sprintscan 4000, Epson 1280, Photoshop, and Silverfast for
>photo based work.
>Thanks in advance.


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