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Re: filmscanners: Bruce Fraser Reviews Nikon 4000ED

Wire - I enjoyed your review of a review - some meaty kiblets for 
thought.  I too become totally frustrated by reviewers who play it safe to 
the extent that you can't tell whether it is a good bit of gear or bad.  I 
think more often it is because they are not sure enough of their own ground 
(and don't want to invoke ire from anywhere including the manufacturer for 
mistaken comments) than kowtowing directly to supplier / advertiser 
pressure.  But maybe not.


At 11:07 04/10/01, Wire Moore wrote:
>I'm not at all hostile to the 4000 ED. It's just a piece of gear.
>I used a LS-2000 for a few years and found it to be very effective. I'm sure
>the 4000 ED is an improvement. Bruce likes it; I think... ? I couldn't tell
>from his review!
>My intention was primarily to challenge someone else's comment about the
>Creative Pro article being a good review. I thought others would be more
>interested in my position if I backed it up with some thoughts and
>on 10/3/01 1:16 PM, PAUL GRAHAM at peegee@btinternet.com wrote:
> > I've read both his comments and Wire Moores, and the truth is somewhere in
> > between. his are written for a major magazine readership, yours, if you 
> will
> > excuse me, seem quite hostile to the 4000.
> >
> >


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