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filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: Vuescan 7.1.18, LS-30 and Fuji Superia negatives: What in hell am I doing wrong?

Ralf wrote:
>color negative film even with ICE on. As to the colors, Vuescan seems to
>*extremely* give away in the highlights part of the histogram and clip
>the shadows at that, plus putting a blueish/magenta cast on everything.
>I can get better use of the highlights by setting the white point to .1
>(everything above would clip them as well) but the blueish cast persists
>as well as the shadows clipping. I am aware that I could get some of
>this straight with comprehensive post-scan processing but, believe me,
>this ain't what I was looking for.

I'm pretty sure I've never had any problems with Vuescan clipping highlights
or shadows on my LS30, but then the main thing I look for is a result I
like the look of.  I don't really care what is getting clipped (or not)
if I like the result.

I always use the generic film setting as well. The reason Superia 100 isn't
there is that Kodak have never released a PhotoCD profile for it.  Reala
should be closest if you want to use a profile - but it may also be causing
some of your problems.

Otherwise, it sounds like as Ed suggested - try changing the black and white

As for the colour cast, that should be easily corrected with levels adjustment
in PS.  If you're using PSP7 you could try the colour balance tool.  Also,
try including part of the neg mask in case that is the issue.

> Neither am I going to scan, check the result, correct, then scan
> again, check again and so forth until the result is as I can set
> it in the accurate Nikon Scan preview and histogram before one
> single full scan is done.

Why do you need to scan again?  That's what the preview memory button is
for? :-7

> (those files won't open in Paint Shop Pro 7 :-()

Save them as uncompressed 24bit TIFF files, open them in PSP 7 and save
as LZW compressed TIFF.  PSP can't open the 48bit LZW compressed files which
Vuescan creates.

> Meanwhile, I stand disappointed again, waiting for one of the
> next versions of Vuescan to (maybe) correct what still
> seems wrong with the current one.

As with someone else who posted recently, you seem to be expecting Vuescan
to produce the final result before you get it into Photoshop.  AFAIK Vuescan
was never intended to do this, but to get the most data out of the film
as possible.  Final tweaking should be done in PS.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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