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RE: filmscanners: Canon's scanner

Thank you.
Following those reviews this scanner gains more points in my eyes against
his close rivals
like Polaroid SS4000 and CoolScan 4000ED (actually I doubt I will be able to
gain enough funds for this Nikon in prospective future either).
The view things I'm still concerning about thinking about Canon FS4000US:
1. Somewhat reduced Dynamic range (seems to be 3.4) comparative to the
rivals (manufacturer
   claimed 3.6 for SS4000 and 4.2 for CoolScan 4000ED).
   BTW, I know theoretically maximum Dynamic range is 0.12 - 4.0. If so,
what does mean
   Nikon's 4.2 as pointed out in his spec ??
   I'm still confused whether this will really affect scanned image quality
comparing to
   the models having wider dynamic ranges or just marketing trick...

2. The reviews gave me an impression that it even better suited for
negatives rather then
   slides (there is opposite problem with rest of the scanners). This makes
me worry, since
   I mostly shoot on slides, while using negatives for portraits and
people-related stuff.

3. Lack of multipassing capability like of Minolta Elite and Elite II.
   That feature seems to effectively improve noise reduction capability.
   The Minolta Elite II even has image partial multipassing capability which
   to define certain area of the frame for multipassing for pickup more
details and
   keep down possible noises (useful for shaded areas).

4. What are software options except of this own software ?
   I understand Vuescan supports this scanner which is good news.
   I've heard the best consumer scanning software is Lasersoft made
SilverFast which
   supports major Nikon scanners and SS4000, but not Minolta devices for
some reason.
   What about CanoScan FS4000ED ? Does it have SilverFast support ?

I know the best way would be to give a try several models, but
unfortunately, this isn't an option here. Our US-located friends are lucky
being able to try out several models and to choose one best suitable for
them according to their live experience with each of them, but here in
Israel one have no such option. Quality film scanner are not common asked
product over here (very expensive for local average amateur photographer)
and our professional market is very small. Therefore, our major photography
suppliers doesn't hold stocks for such products, so each particular order of
such kind is backordered without an option for trial period.
Moreover, I intend to purchase overseas, so have no rights for mistake
choosing model which will be lousy.

Best regards, Alex

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At 2:17 PM +0200 1-10-01, Alex Z wrote:
>Hi friends.
>Searching net to any scanner's related information I run onto new Canon's
>product: Canon FS 4000US.

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