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Re: filmscanners: Cannot open scanned TIFF in Photoshop


Not knowing what your problem is, I can say that my TIF files are between 
55 and 60 megs on scanning at 4000 PPI. I don't have my scanner turned on 
but are there TIF saving options in the software? Might you have set it for 
200% scaling, which would make the file size twice what it really is?


>The file is 108MB big. I have 1GB of RAM. Photoshop 5.5 can use 75%, which
>amounts to 690M. I have two scratch disks defined, one has 4GB free, the
>other has 55GB free (and that space is defragmented and really unused.) My
>windows swap file is 2.5GB large. I still get the error 'Could not open the
>document because there is not enough memory (RAM).'
>An image scanned at 3000dpi (62MB) would not open, either. One scanned at
>2000dpi (27M)opens. PS tells me that this file uses scr: 41M/690M. And: I
>can open 4 copies of this 27MB file (amounting to 108MB) without error
>message. This just does not make sense!

Larry Berman




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