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Re: filmscanners: Was: Silverfast Help- Cant find Scanner Now: discount upgr...

For what it's worth, I upgraded to v5.5 on the first weekend it was available. That was when the website was able to take money, but not provide access to download. I called on Monday to get the appropriate UID and password to download. Did that, and discovered that the sn only unlocked Polaroid AI and not HDR. I called back again and emphatically stated that I expected my upgrade to cover both, given that I had bought both as a package. (I bought my SS4k before the bundle.) I was given an HDR serial no. So, I received both versions for $45.
Lasersoft's software might be great, though it can be buggy. But the company and its policies are anal. I've gone through hell trying to get each version to work. It took me a month to get a vailid sn from them after I first bought the software for $300. Still can't use 5.5 with PCI 5.0 installed. I had to revert to PCI 4.5. I encourage all Sprintscan 4000 owners to raise hell and NOT pay $90 for this upgrade.
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In a message dated 9/30/2001 5:32:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time, slb1@humboldt1.com writes:

Regarding #2 below, is $45 the "reasonable charge" you refer to?  Is there
another way to order the upgrade with a purchase after 9/1?



If you bought the Polaroid scanner just before September 1, as I did, then it would cost $90 to upgrade SilverFast to the current 5.5 version.  They charge $45 to upgrade SilverFast Ai and another $45 to upgrade SilverFast HDR, both of which come with the scanner.  If you buy the scanner after September 1, you can upgrade SilverFast to version 5.5 at a reduced cost.  I assume they'll upgrade both Ai and HDR at the same time for a a single price, probably $45 (I'm guessing on the price).

But you don't really need to upgrade Ai if you don't want to.  You can only upgrade HDR.  Then do raw scans with either SilverFast Ai or Polaroid Insight and you can process the scans with the upgraded SilverFast HDR with all of the latest bells and whistles.  I suspect that Lasersoft realizes few Polaroid users wouldn't upgrade both Ai and HDR for $90 since you really don't have to upgrade both.

By the way, I have two different Polaroid scanners.  Lasersoft wanted me to pay $45 to upgrade Ai for each scanner and $45 to upgrade HDR (it's not scanner specific as it works only with raw files), for a total of $135.  I bitched about that, and some other major problems I had with Lasersoft, and they let me upgrade all three for $45.  I felt that was fair.  After all, that's all I would have paid them anyway as I'd have only upgraded HDR.  I don't use Ai for anything other than making raw scans so I don't need the NegaFix upgrade to it.

If anyone knows exactly what Lasersoft charges for the upgrade for Polaroid scanners purchased after September 1, please post it so we all know.


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