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Re: filmscanners: smart sharpening tutorial

So there is nothing new under the sun?


----- Original Message -----
From: "Johnny Deadman" <john@pinkheadedbug.com>
To: "shAf" <michael@shaffer.net>; "Filmscanners"
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2001 4:24 PM
Subject: Re: filmscanners: smart sharpening tutorial

| shAf points out (quite correctly) that the sharpening method I describe in
| the online tutorial I posted about earlier is also described in Bruce
| Frasers article at:
|     http://www.creativepro.com/story/feature/12189.html
| and also in Real World Photoshop. (I hadn't seen this article when I wrote
| mine... Bruce describes the process very clearly).
| I should also add that it is similar to the commercial plug-in (PC only)
| Ultra Sharpen Pro, which is available at:
|     http://www.ickybits.com/
| ...and I also learned there is a similar action, including an extremely
| useful and clever 16-bit version, here:
|     http://www.fredmiranda.com
| --
| John Brownlow
| http://www.pinkheadedbug.com


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