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filmscanners: Re: Emulsion flaws (was dust in SS4000)

At 10:53 AM +1000 9/23/01, Rob Geraghty wrote:
>When I spoke to the lab, they said that Fuji and Kodak films
>behaved quite differently in that chemistry tended to sit in the sprocket
>holes on the kodak film - resulting in the rings - but didn't on Fuji film.
>It sounds to me like the surface tensions of the films are very different.
>If the bubbles are forming on the surface of the film (in the same plane as
>the dust) then perhaps the higher surface tension of Kodak film "bonds" more
>>bubbles to the surface than on Fuji film.

Hi Rob,
        As you may have read, I now realize these mysterious 
"bubbles" are in undeveloped film and thus are not a product of 
developing quirks. I'm sorry for making such a misleading statement.
        That doesn't make your unfortunate experience with 100VS any 
less annoying - it just probably doesn't apply in this case. I also 
got some strange colours from 100VS, plus I found it "grainy", and 
haven't used it since.
        I do wonder if the relative freedom from "bubbles" shown by 
Provia 100F compared to other slide films I've looked at contributes 
to the smooth scans obtained from P 100F.

At 10:53 AM +1000 9/23/01, Rob Geraghty wrote:
>Roger, I gather the bubbles are on the emulsion side of the film, not the
>base side of the film?

        Yes, the bubbles are in the thin outside protective layer 
over the emulsion, not in the heavy base layer.

Roger Smith


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