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filmscanners: Re: Emulsion flaws (was dust in SS4,

Dear Roger

I find this all very puzzling. I'd suspect your water if it hadn't
been "double distilled."

My ignorant guesses (I'm no chemist) are:

- some active interaction between bits of solution left on the film 
when it is put in another bath.  

    Perhaps you could eliminate or reduce it by rinsing the film in 
    distilled water in between solutions  

- incomplete mixing of dry chemicals - contamination by
    dust or other chemicals, especially particulate matter. 

    Are you keeping it in glass or stainless steel containers rather than 

    Do you use distilled water for everything, including washing?  

    Do you finish up by washing your tank & reel in distilled water?  

    Do you dry with a towel that might shed dust or chemicals? (Air dry 
    only, upside down, with the reel in the tank to avoid dust settling 
    on it.)  

    Do you have a dusty environment?  
    Some dust is chemically active.  
    Do you mix chemicals far away in another room? (dust/spray travels)  

- excess surface tension of wash water, leaving drops/bubbles that 

    Are you using photo-flo or some other water-wetter in your final 
    Do you dry slowly, without heat or drafts, in a non-dusty place?  

I would contact Fuji & Kodak technical departments, if you can get
thru the maze.  Does anyone have an email address within these


On Saturday, September 22, 2001 at 16:44, Roger Smith
wrote on "filmscanners: Re: Emulsion flaws (was dust in SS4," 

> Another interesting take on the "emulsion bubble" phenomenon.
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