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RE: filmscanners: The Nikon 4000 and Genuine Fractals

> At 10:06 21-09-01 -0400, Austin Franklin wrote:
> >These software EULAs can say/claim anything they want, but the law can be
> >entirely different than what they claim!  I do not know your specific
> >situation, and I am in no way endorsing software piracy.
> Let's not inadvertently misdirect the issue here. There is no question of
> piracy and frankly I don't know why you'd even bring it up.

I did not mention piracy at all in relation to your specific issue, and as
far as you were concerned there was no question of piracy.  I only mentioned
piracy in relation to my statement of possibly "ignoring" (certain clauses
in) EULAs.  I never believed your situation could be characterized in any
sense as piracy!

My opinion is also that any software you have original disks etc. for is
yours to give to anyone you want to, providing you didn't keep any
copies/backups...once you give it away, you have no more rights to use it.
This is what sounds to me like your situation.  If I understand correctly,
you have the original disks, aren't using them, and just want to give them


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