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RE: filmscanners: The Nikon 4000 and Genuine Fractals

> >I think you want to be careful.  I disagree with this position.
> Most bundled
> >OEM software is licensed to the computer that has the equipment
> attached.  I
> >would carefully read the license agreement before sending it to your son.
> >It's not worth risking his career over this piece of software.
> I don't know
> >about the military, but at the company I work at, it is a 'fireable'
> >offense.
> You're absolutely right. I'll ask him to find out from his CO
> exactly what
> is permitted and what isn't and meanwhile research the EULA more
> carefully
> myself. He is just beginning his career in the Air Force as a computer
> programmer. Contacting relatives and friends in the USAF is very
> difficult
> right now but I'm sure that this software is the farthest thing from his
> mind anyway.

These software EULAs can say/claim anything they want, but the law can be
entirely different than what they claim!  I do not know your specific
situation, and I am in no way endorsing software piracy.


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