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re: filmscanners: Washed out sky/Vuescan

What part of the instructions do you find confusing?

 >>  I find the instructions very confusing. 

What type of scene are you trying to scan?  Different scenes with dominate 
colors can require different settings within vuescan.  I've almost always had 
trouble with grass scenes myself.

 >>  My difficulty is that the colors
 >>  seem
 >>  somewhat washed out, especially blue sky.  I'm using a Mac and scanning
 >>  slides.   I'm not sure what my color settings should be, but I've set it
 >>  on:

White balance is generally the best, also try autolevels.  On my Scanwit 
autolevels is nearly always better.  Occassionally you will have to try nuetral 
and make an adjustment in photoshop.

 >>  White Balance

Your black point is a BIG reason your image is washed out, If you set your 
region to maximum and your black point to .1 or so the edge of the frame will 
be taken to nearly 0 which _almost_ always is darker than any portion of your 
image.  This will bring some saturation and contrast into your image.

 >>  Auto Blackpoint on
 >>  Black Point 0

The white point is likely too high for the scene, I often use bellow .1 and 
often .001 for the white point.  If you have used LEVELS in photoshop white 
point is similar, but not exact, to move the white point triangle on levels to 
the left, it extends the RGB values closer to 255,255,255 and can cause a wash 
out if set to low.

 >>  White Point 0.5

Adobe RGB has less saturation than some other spaces, but is considered a good 
editing space for images as it is sufficiently large to contain most of the 
colors in real life captured by film.

 >>  Color Space Adobe RGB

This setting is likely fine, If you are scanning neg film try going to 1.4

 >>  Gamma 1.8

1 is standard, it boosts more of the 1/4 or so shadows in scans, used mostly 
for bringing up harse shadows from full sunlight.

 >>  Image Brightness 1

Automask isn't where you want to mess around with now, it's function is to 
compute the removal of the orange mask of the film more than the balance of the 
scene.  If you are using slides, it's a moot point.

 >>  I've tried it both with and without Auto Mask

 >>  Would appreciate suggestions

 >>  Martin

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