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RE: filmscanners: OT (a bit): Publishing pictures :)

Exciting stuff Rob! I love seeing your airplane pictures. Keep up the good
work. I probably won't see the magazine over here, but you should share a
link where we can see them on-line. Congratulations.


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From: Rob Geraghty [mailto:harper@wordweb.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 10:51 PM
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: filmscanners: OT (a bit): Publishing pictures :)

I just wanted to share my excitement about getting the cover photo and two
articles in the September issue of Australian Ultralight magazine.  I
my brother produces the magazine for the AUF, but it's still cool to have
my photos published in a news-stand magazine.  The photos were taken on
Kodak Supra 100 and Provia 100F, and scanned with my Nikon LS30.  Apparently
the laser proofs looked better than the printed magazine - mostly because
the printing company's better press was being used for a month to do another

It's probably ho hum for the pro photographers on the list, but this is
still exciting for me being able to go into a newsagency and see a photo
I took on the cover of a magazine.  Especially when I took the photo and
scanned it! :)


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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