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filmscanners: Re: Nikon Super coolscan problem


My problem is that, in pursuit of perfection and with a reluctant
willingness to spend big bucks, I try to shoot everything with the best of
Canon lenses, though away any shots that aren't tack-sharp, and use films
live Velvia and Provia 100F.  Consequently, I am able to see the noise
created by ICE.


Jawed writes:

> Ah well, it seems the combination of crappy lenses
> in the cameras I've used plus the LS40 means that
> the softening due to ICE I suffer is negligible in
> the grand scheme of things ...

Useful resolution for handheld photographs in 35mm usually tops out around
lp/mm, because of camera shake, focusing errors, and the like.  The lens can
have an influence, too, and it doesn't have to be a cheap lens; consistently
good performance above 40 lp/mm is hard to come by, and usually requires a
non-cheap lens.  Finally, the film itself may have trouble recording beyond
lp/mm or so.

I use ICE only on color negatives, but I don't notice any obvious softening
a LS-2000), and it's much better to have ICE remove the vast number of
and spots that the lab leaves on the negatives than to spend hours in
doing that myself.

 -- Anthony


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