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RE: filmscanners: Sharpness of color chrome vs color negative.

> each film should be scanned by the same scanner in the same way under the
> same conditions and with the exact same settings;

You can't use the same settings for scanning positive film, then negative

> I got that much; what I was really asking was not the same lighting source
> at the time of the taking of the image but rather at the time of
> viewing the
> processed films.  I think you got at this by suggesting both were to be
> scanned images as viewed via a monitor.  If that is correct, you
> indirectly
> answered my inquiry; if not, than it remains open for further
> specification.

Yes, viewed on a monitor, in PhotoShop, actual pixels or even higher
magnification...just to see if there is a noticeable sharpness difference.

> However, I would respectfully submit that this may
> tell us more
> about which type of film scans and displays sharper than which is actually
> capable of capturing a sharper image on the film; and as such may
> not really
> be getting at the question you asked unless your concern is with
> scanned and
> monitor displayed images only.

I don't think that's going to be the case...  Then hell, make a 20x30 print
from each and compare the prints ;-)


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