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RE: filmscanners: Sharpness of color chrome vs color negative.

Not totally (which should not surprise you); but we are getting there. :-)
If I understand your requirements, each film should contain the same
photograph of the same subject taken at the same time (so to speak) under
the exact same lighting with the same or equivalent equipment.  In addition;
each film should be scanned by the same scanner in the same way under the
same conditions and with the exact same settings; and each should be output
to the same exact monitor for display and viewing upon which the evaluation
will be based.

>Identical images, shot at the same time from the same angles etc.

I got that much; what I was really asking was not the same lighting source
at the time of the taking of the image but rather at the time of viewing the
processed films.  I think you got at this by suggesting both were to be
scanned images as viewed via a monitor.  If that is correct, you indirectly
answered my inquiry; if not, than it remains open for further specification.

Assuming my understandings are correct, all I can say is "let the games
begin." :-)  However, I would respectfully submit that this may tell us more
about which type of film scans and displays sharper than which is actually
capable of capturing a sharper image on the film; and as such may not really
be getting at the question you asked unless your concern is with scanned and
monitor displayed images only.

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Subject: RE: filmscanners: Sharpness of color chrome vs color negative.

> Ok Austin, You have just openned a can of worms here.  Are we
> talking about
> sharpness as seen through a loup, from a monitor, off a light table,
> photographic print or inkjet print?

Seen through, say, a drum scanner...or a very high end CCD scanner.  Take
every factor out of it you can...so both are on equal footing and only the
ability of the film to retain sharpness is at question here.

> Is the comparison based on
> each coming
> from the same type of source and under the same lighting; or are we
> comparing apples and oranges (e.g., projected chromes or light
> table chromes
> versus reflected light prints)?

Identical images, shot at the same time from the same angles etc.

> I think if you are fishing for a set of
> comparable data and experiences to evaluate you will need to set out some
> very precise standards and conditions under which we are to analyze our
> experiences so as to produce comparable data worth evalauating.

Assuming a very controlled scene, such that the only difference is in the
actual ability of the film to maintain image sharpness.  This SHOULD be a
very very basic question, not related to anything but the film, assuming
both are processed to the highest standards.

> What do people have to say about the differences in sharpness between same
> ASA, same brand chrome vs color negative film?  My experience
> shows that the
> chrome films are not as sharp as the negative films.

OK, Laurie, do you have an answer ;-)


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