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filmscanners: roll film adapters

Dear Filmscanners,
I am considering purchasing a Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED to
electronically archive the 10000 35mm slides and hundreds of uncut rolls
of mostly Fuji Super HQ 100 color negative film that I have exposed in
the microscope over the last 15 years.  I was attracted to the 4000 ED
in part because of its ability to handle bulk loading.  Where can I find
a discussion of the real and potential problems that I might face with
bulk loading in general and with this Nikon model in particular?  It
seems to offer freedom from tedium, but am I going to wish I had
manually focussed each image anyway?  Thanks in advance.  Cheers.
Michael DePangher, Ph.D.
Spectrum Petrographics Inc.
499 Dillard Gardens Road, Suite 2
Winston, OR 97496
Voice: (800) 625-2476
Fax: (541) 679-5173
E-mail: spectrum@petrography.com

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