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Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

> Re: filmscanners: Best film
> scanner, period!!!
I am scanning film for output as large images (30x40 & 40x50) on an Epson
10000 printer.  I wanted to purchase a Nikon 8000ed scanner.  Dealers in the
US, that I have talked to would not quote a delivery date.  In the same
price range and with comparable specs is the Polaroid 120+.  Reluctantly I
have purchased one of them.  I have compared images scanned on  the Polaroid
to the same film scanned on a Howtek drum scanner.  When out put on the
Epson 10000 you can not tell the difference.

I have the scanner hooked to a 733mhz G4 Mac with 1.3 gig of memory.
Software is PhotoShop 6.01 and Nik Sharpener Pro.  I am using the Polaroid
Software to control the scanner.  I also have Silverfast scanner software
but have found it to unstable.

I was concerned about buying the Polaroid with out ICE and ROC offered with
the Nikon.  In reality I am scanning images that are clean and have no color
problems.  I am sure the ICE and ROC software will save a significant amount
of PhotoShop for some but I don't think I will miss it.

Overall I am pleased with the Polaroid.

Ed Tyler


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