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Re: filmscanners: Change the flamin' subject line!

Jeez, guys.

If you put half the effort into upgrading that you put into arguing 
philosophical minutiae, all of your systems could be updated and put 
through a rigorous crash testing program by now.  :)

And when things drift off-topic, howz about remembering to change the 
subject line?  Then those who are completely disinterested (or is it just 
me?) can trash the messages with nary a glance...

mark t

At 11:46 AM 27/08/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Can you guarantee that every one of my applications will run on it without
>change?  How do I support my 1800 Type 1 fonts, for example?  How does it 
>dongles?  How well does it work with PPTP and DSL?
.... ad infinitum


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