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Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

What is the best car, regardless of budget?

Well, that depends if you are driving 4 kids to school everyday or like
to impress the ladies (or gents) on a Saturday night, or you want a car
that has spare parts easily available in your local.

Do you need medium format?  Do you need bulk scanning?  Are you more
concerned with center sharpness and dICE or overall sharpness? Is
customer service important (I guess that might depend if you end up with
a "good" one or not...)  Does software quality or do features matter?

Is it being connected to a Mac of a PC?  Are the scans from negatives or
slides?  Are you willing to remove the slides from their mounts?

In general, every device type has relative value depending upon specific
needs of the purchaser.

If indeed one generic scanner was "the best" then the only issue would
be price and this forum would be 25% of its size as well. ;-)


Andrea de Polo wrote:
> Hello,
> a very direct question...... For top quality purpose, after reading 
many messages I am still confuse regarding what is considered today, 
the BEST film scanner around, and which model? SS 4000, Nikon 8000, 
Minolta Dimage II....... Let's forget for now the budget and let's 
talk just about pure performance, mostly about resolution, max 
dmax and details, etc, etc...... Thanks for your consideration; 
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