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RE: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

You may want to look at the Durst scanner. It is a beauty.

Film Sizes: APS, 135, 120/220, 4x5" 
Film Handling:
- manual for 4x5" sheet film  
- motorized film feed for APS, 135 and 120/220 

Film Types: Colour neg., transparencies, slides, B&W 
Opt. Res. max.3,800dpi max.3,000dpi max.2,500dpi
Digital ICE Surface Defect Correction 

Scan Speed:     File size       35mm            6x7cm           4x5" 
                        15MB            3.5 sec.        5 sec.          10
                        30MB            7 sec.  7 sec.          10 sec. 
                        60MB            --              10 sec.
11 sec. 
                        150MB           --              15 sec.
17 sec. 
                        375MB   --              --                      30


Jack Phipps
Applied Science Fiction

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From: Andrea de Polo [mailto:andrea@alinari.it]
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 2:22 AM
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Cc: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!
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a very direct question...... For top quality purpose, after reading many
messages I am still confuse regarding what is considered today, the BEST
film scanner around, and which model? SS 4000, Nikon 8000, Minolta Dimage
II....... Let's forget for now the budget and let's talk just about pure
performance, mostly about resolution, max dmax and details, etc, etc......
Thanks for your consideration; Andrea
Fratelli Alinari Photo Archives and Museum
The world's oldest picture library
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