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Re: filmscanners: Beginner Questions

Chris writes ...
> ...
> ... 1) I had a dense set of negatives that I scanned using Vuescan's
> default values with the exception of inputting a 3 as a value for
> "long exposure time." This gave me a cropped file of around 14 MB,
> whereas with the default exposure I'm getting cropped files from
> around 95 - 110 MB. Is my long exposure a short exposure?

  Changing the exposure all by itself will not affect the file size
... something else must be going on?  Check the actual number of
pixels with your image editing software.  Check the raw (uncropped)
scan too.

> 2) Why are cropped scans (again, using default values) often larger
> files than uncropped scans?

    This wouldn't make sense.  As long as we're talking about Vuescan,
make sure we know what "cropping" means.  Traditionally it means a
smaller area of the original image, but with VS it also means any
number of things done to the image after the raw (uncropped) scan.

> 3) Does rotating a scan in Photoshop have a destructive effect
> on the integrity of the scan? ...

    Not if the rotation is 90degrees.  If the rotate is something
other the image will soften.

shAf  :o)


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