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RE: filmscanners: film vs. digital cameras - wedding/commercial photography

> Think LPM - if a film has say 200lpm resolution in its optimal exposure
> range (call it Zone VI) - and lets assume its color film so it
> has a 'minus
> range' down to Zone III, in Zone III its resolution will be
> probably down to
> about 50lpm.  Now 1 mm on a 35mm image, is 4% of the whole image
> (24mm high)
> so the total vertical resolution ends up being say 1200 linepairs - blow
> that up to an 8x10 and you are down to 120dpi!!!  Whereas on the 6x7 the
> SAME IMAGE is captured with 3000 linepairs - which at 8x10 is
> still 300dpi!

Karl, I'm not buying the above resolution/zone claim.  Of course MF film is
larger than 35mm film, that's why it's MF, but I do not believe that the
lp/mm changes between zone III and zone VI.

> Third, the 6 megapixel resolution is an interpolated resolution.

That is not true.  The luminance information in one shot digital cameras is
NOT interpolated (except in the Fuji cameras), only the chrominance.  Color
information is not near as critical as edge information.  You still get full
6M pixels of edge information.


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