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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Scan and USB card?

>I just got the Nikon IV today. The shadow detail is markedly better than my
>Minolta Dual (SCSI) and noise is much lower.
>Vuescan works fine on my Mac G3 with OS9.04 and 640MB, but NikonScan
>doesn't seem to recognize the scanner.  I'm using an OrangeLink
>Firewire/USB card. The OrangeLink driver uses Apple's USB software.
>Vuescan likes it.  NS doesn't show the console. I've allocated 300MB to
>NikonScan, rebooted with NikonScan CD in drive and then turned scanner on.
>This didn't help.

I turned on the firewire extensions and now NS works.

Early tests using the Stouffer gray scale show exceptional linearity down
to a OD of 2.25, then an abrupt flattening of the curve above that.  Using
OD axis, the sensitivity is actually highest between 1.6 and 2.25.  It
appears the sensor or the A/D has a negative offset.  Similar results are
obtained with Vuescan and NikonScan 3.0.

Mike Duncan


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