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Re: filmscanners: Colorblindness, was IT8 Calibration..etc

At 02:29 AM 7/08/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I am very intrigued by the number of people on this list how have color
>deficiency.  Does anyone know how common this is in the general
>population (or even just the male population)?

Quite a few of us, I'll wager..  About 10% of the male population have 
'colour impairment', most commonly in the red-green area, like me.  Very 
few are truly blind to colour and actually see in b&w, so the world is 
still very colourful to most of us.  Have a look here for an interesting 
discussion with Dan Margulis (just click on the yellow link..):


>I also find it interesting that a very color demanding field
>(Photography with interest in digital scanning) would attract so many
>people who have to deal with color perception disabilities.

Me too!  I've always wondered why on earth I am so fascinated by colour and 
want to work with it despite the difficulty - perhaps it is exactly 
*because* of the added attention one has to pay to colour early in life.  I 
remember a teacher in about 2nd grade making unkind comments about the lime 
green lion I had painted.  I figured they were green so they could hide in 
what I presumed was the green grass of Africa.  :)
Before that I had no idea I had a problem..

>Maybe if enough people with this condition demand more objective color
>control we'll all benefit from easier to use color management.

And wouldn't life be wonderful!!!!  sigh.  But from what I see, I'll be 
dead and gone before it is easy. :(

My approach (currently being implemented..) is to carry a colour test 
target with me, include it as one frame in the shoot, and then try and get 
the numbers to match as best I can.  (And get someone normal to check on me 
now and then..)

mark t


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