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Re: filmscanners: IT8 Calibration was Re: filmscanners: I love/hate SilverFast

This should probably go off list so please direct replies to me personally.
I am quite interested in how others are affected.

> I am very intrigued by the number of people on this list how have color
> deficiency.  Does anyone know how common this is in the general
> population (or even just the male population)?

About 8% of men and 0.5% of women (they usually carry the gene and give it
to the men). I don't know if it's normal but I seem to suffer more from low
colour resolution - the bigger the object the more likely I am to see the
colour correctly. I don't know if this is normal, but it renders the dot
tests impossible. I do however seem to have extremely good night vision. Is
this normal for colour blind people ? This sort of suggests to me that I
have many more B&W receptors than normal (and hence fewer colour) as these
work better in low light situations.

The effects can seem a bit bizarre. As a child I was taken Strawberry
picking. I could only see unripe strawberries unless the ripe one's were
actually pointed out to me. Raspberries proved to be no problem. So bright
red against green was a dead loss, but the darker raspberries and even green
strawberries were no problem against the green leaves.

You can have a quick test on the net - although I wouldn't like to say how
your set-up may affect  the accuracy of the test.


For the record and for those afflicted, you can compare the extent of your
affliction to me.

Top left OK
Top right can't see a thing even when I know what number I am looking for.
Mid left can't see a thing even when I know what number I am looking for.
Mid Right I am prepared to believe the answer (although it looks more like
another number to me) but couldn't see a thing until I knew the answer.
Bottom left can't see a thing even when I know what number I am looking for.
Bottom Right looks like a different number to me.


> I also find it interesting that a very color demanding field
> (Photography with interest in digital scanning) would attract so many
> people who have to deal with color perception disabilities.
> Maybe if enough people with this condition demand more objective color
> control we'll all benefit from easier to use color management.
> Art
> Steve Greenbank wrote:
> >
> > > Rob, I want IT-8 calibration because I'm color blind and I want to
> > the
> > > number of variables I have to deal with.  In theory, any of my
> > > scanners can be used to scan the same slide and the final files will
> > be
> > > nearly identical.
> >
> > I'm similarly afflicted and I went through a similar process, but in the


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