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filmscanners: Linux version of Vuescan


I have used Vuescan for about 18 months now, with a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi 
scanner. Ed Hamrick developed the drivers for this scanner by having me 
testing all changes he made, so I feel quite involved in Vuescan.

I have essentially doing all my stuff at home with Linux for six years now.

Regarding photography i use mostly Pentax 6x7 and Velvia, and never negative 

My experience with Vuesan is a very pleasant one. It gives better colors than 
the original Minolta driver, and it is quite stable. It may have a few 
quirks, especially with my scanner which handles o lot of different formats.

I have a friend who has a IMac, and I tried to use Vuescan on his computer, 
but it was unfortunately not very stable (in the version that was available 
at that time). With the Linux version I had very little problems.

Best regards

Erik Kaffehr

fredag 03 augusti 2001 01:29 skrev du:
> As a Mac user, I absolutely hate to be forced to bow down to the evil
> empire, but there are a lot of times now that I consider doing just
> that. How's the Linux version of VueScan?
> Andrew Robinson
> RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com wrote:
> > We don't know the details of the problem between Ed and Apple, so it's
> > hard to point fingers.  However, if Mac users are upset about Ed dropping
> > Vuscan support for the Mac (and they have every right to be), then they
> > ought to be directing their displeasure at Apple, not Ed.  Apple only has
> > the desktop publishing and graphics arts market left and if they can't
> > get people like Ed to develop products for their computers, they'll go
> > the way of the Beta VCR.  While some will disagree with me, I think
> > that's bound to happen anyway.  Maybe it's time for Apple users to swtich
> > to the PC.

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