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Re: strategic security moves (was Re: filmscanners: Anyone having problems with Scan@leben?

You might take a look at Forte Agent-- it's probably the safest
email/newsreader available.  It doesn't open attachments; that takes a
separate step.  Filtering capability is formidable.  Current version
is 1.8.  I also very much like Kaspersky AVP as an antivirus program--
daily updates, easy scanning of email and downloads, very effective.

 - - - - - - - - - -
On Fri, 3 Aug 2001 14:45:00 -0700, you wrote:

>Pat Perez <patdperez@yahoo.com> wrote
>>I'll go this one better. I don't open attachments even
>>from most people I *do* know, without first saving and
>>scanning for virii. I have never been infected with
>>any kind of virus, in 20+ years using computers.
>reinforcing Tony Sleep's and Norm Unsworth's comments. And logic 
>seems to me to dictate going as far as Pat, because I guess we don't 
>know that e-mail which seems on the face of it to be something normal 
>from a known correspondent is in fact normal at all.
>>I guess you can say that I'm a belt, suspenders and
>>elastic waistband kind of guy.
>So am I, but I had Norton's NAV on two different Macs for a year each 
>without NAV finding anything. I guess I'll get it again though. 
>Because I've updated the OS to 9.1 and feel better about keeping 
>Norton's contemporaneous with the OS.
>On other lists, I've gotten three suggestions that I substitute 
>another browser for Microsoft's Internet Explorer: two for Opera and 
>one for Pegasus (in addition to using Eudora rather than Outlook for 
>e-mail). Does anyone else think either Opera or Pegasus is ready for 
>the timid to use?

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