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strategic security moves (was Re: filmscanners: Anyone havingproblems with Scan@leben?

Pat Perez <patdperez@yahoo.com> wrote

>I'll go this one better. I don't open attachments even
>from most people I *do* know, without first saving and
>scanning for virii. I have never been infected with
>any kind of virus, in 20+ years using computers.

reinforcing Tony Sleep's and Norm Unsworth's comments. And logic 
seems to me to dictate going as far as Pat, because I guess we don't 
know that e-mail which seems on the face of it to be something normal 
from a known correspondent is in fact normal at all.

>I guess you can say that I'm a belt, suspenders and
>elastic waistband kind of guy.

So am I, but I had Norton's NAV on two different Macs for a year each 
without NAV finding anything. I guess I'll get it again though. 
Because I've updated the OS to 9.1 and feel better about keeping 
Norton's contemporaneous with the OS.

On other lists, I've gotten three suggestions that I substitute 
another browser for Microsoft's Internet Explorer: two for Opera and 
one for Pegasus (in addition to using Eudora rather than Outlook for 
e-mail). Does anyone else think either Opera or Pegasus is ready for 
the timid to use?



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