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RE: filmscanners: Polaroid SS120 & 6x12

Presently the scanner will "officially" only go to 6 x 9 but unofficially
several users are currently scanning 6 x 17 panoramic. Because the
inter-frame gap in medium format cameras is very inconsistent the crop boxes
are VERY generous and this allows for frame overlap. If you set the software
to scan to scan 6 x 9, then scan frame 1, then frame 2 there is overlap that
can be stitched or just placed in Photoshop. I have been told that it is
easy enough so stitching software is not really necessary. One user supplied
a 5MB PDF file showing the procedure. I would be happy to email it to anyone

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Sent:   Monday, July 30, 2001 9:29 AM
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Subject:        filmscanners: Polaroid SS120 & 6x12

I seem to remember many months ago, prior to the release of the 
SS120, that Polaroid were considering producing a mod in the future 
to enable the 120 to scan up to 6x12. 
Anyone aware if this is still being considered....I'm assuming of 
course that the scanner is actually capable of going beyond 6x9.

Trevor Smithers


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