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Re: filmscanners: Silerfast questions

I suspect that the Epson 1680 pro (firewire if you prefer)
may suit your needs.  It comes bundled with the Silverfast
AI 5 calibration model software (and other software as well).
The downside is that scanning results in some very large
files so you must be prepared for such.

>Sometimes I feel as thick as a whale omelet. I am
>considering a few different flatbed scannes for use
>for scanning 120 film (6x6). I was thinking that
>Silverfast *might* be something I want to add to the
>equation. I looked at their website and noticed they
>charge vastly different prices depending on which
>scanner one owns. Can someone explain to me why this
>is, other than that they can?

They can and the software will ONLY support the given
model scanner.  It is, however, a fabulous product.  I
use it on my Nikon LS-4000 (if I can get the computer
to rerecognize it) and my Epson 1680 pro firewire flatbed
(which can scan film as well)


Best regards,

Steve Norvich
Quentin Corners #114
853 N. Quentin Road
Palatine, Illinois 60067-0711



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