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Re: filmscanners: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re=3A=20autolevels=20was=20re=3A=20filmscann.

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001 03:26:05 EDT   (RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com) wrote:

> Tony, I have no quarrel with your statements (I almost never do) except 
> with=
> =20
> your two-phased processing approach to restore detail in a specular=20
> highlight.  It won't work with a true specular highlight which is what 
> the=20
> original question was about, but only with a diffuse highlight.

You are right, I was just being sloppy. It won't work with the core, 
brightest values, since as you say they are usually  featureless, blown, 
off the scale. However I use selective masking and separate adjustments to 
retain detail in the immediately surrounding area - your example of 
sunlight reflected off a chrome bumper/fender is a good one here. I don't 
want loss of detail through clipping in the diffuse bright area surrounding 
the specular highlight, I want to keep that detail, and selective separate 
adjustment often makes this possible where a single overall adjustment does 


Tony Sleep
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