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RE: filmscanners: Digital Copyright

I agree with you; but not everyone sees even traffic enforcement in that
light.  Many people tend to view laws and offical documents as being
objective clear-cut, non-discretionary, absolutes and their enforcement as a
mere turnkey operation which requires little effort, thought, deliberation,
or costs to implement the enforcement of taffic laws or copyright laws.  In
short, many approach laws as black and white principles whose enforcement is
more or less automatic rather than as pragmatic affairs whose enforcemetn is
a practical matter.

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> I am arguing that people should not get their expectations up as to the
> nature of the protection that copyright registration provides, the ease of
> enforcement, the extent of the costs of insuring against copyright
> protection in terms of time and money, and what they anticipate by way of
> punitive damages and regular damages or other sanctions from infringers.

(much cut)

I see copyright regulation and enforcement like traffic lights.  You
sort of hope everyone follow them because the consequences of not doing
so could be very messy, and being the one in the right is no guarantee
that you'll be any less harmed than the person in the wrong.



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