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RE: filmscanners: Wet-mounting slides?

On 26-07-2001, LAURIE SOLOMON wrote:

>I would think that what you propose would be as much of a pain in the butt
>as what you are now doing with your glassless renovation of the original
>Minolta holder and would be a lot more messy.  I personally use the glass
>holder and have had neither any trouble with such things as flatness or
>Newton's Rings nor with it taking too much time to place and align 
>the film within the mask.  I am not sure what benefits are to be 
>derived from a glassless version - let alone a wet mounted version.

In theory wet mounting would have the advantage that scratches in the 
film and most dust particles become almost invisible, because their 
refractive index is close to that of the mounting oil. The glass 
plates should be so thick that the outside of the glass is 
sufficiently out of focus. A good mounting oil evaporates reasonably 
fast and leaves no residu.

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