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RE: filmscanners: Re: Vuescan gripes

Ed, you're a wonder. I've certainly seen lot's of software that is more
quirky than Vuescan, and not as effective. Your openness and willingness to
take gripes as suggestions to improve your product is, to say the least,

It's a great product and one of if not THE BEST software bang for the buck
out there!

Norm Unsworth, Owner
CS Golf (formerly Clark Systems Custom Golf)
Outstanding Quality and Value in Custom Golf Equipment
609 641 5712
Please send email to me at: csgolf@home.com
Visit our Web Site at http://members.home.net/csgolf

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In a message dated 7/24/2001 1:02:14 PM EST, john@pinkheadedbug.com writes:

> Ed, this whole thread started because I was complaining about BUGS in the
>  interface, not the design per se.

I'm quite happy to fix bugs, and I add every bug that's reported
to my list of things to fix.  Most of the problems with the Mac OS
version of VueScan in the past have been artifacts of wxWindows,
but this library has more people working on it nowdays
so VueScan on Mac OS has gotten a lot better.

> The fact that you can't use standard Mac
>  OS dialogs to select files folders etc is ridiculous and leads to serious
>  errors

Choose a command in the Folder menu - these are all standard
Mac OS dialogs, aren't they?

I'm guessing that you don't like the way file names are
entered.  I can't use standard file dialogs to enter file names
that have the letter "+" in them, but I suppose I could drop
this feature (specifying the plus after the digit(s) to be
incremented) and use standard file dialog boxes.  Would
anyone object if I did this?  It would only take me 5 minutes
to do, but I suspect it would annoy thousands of people.

> like the embedding of invisible backspace characters in filenames,
>  paths such as scans/raw getting translated into folder names and so on.

The "scans/raw" problem is an artifact of making the same code
work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.  One of these days I'll
make the Mac OS version use colon as the directory separator.
I think this has been reported once (possibly twice) in the past
six months.

I have no idea what "embedded backspace characters" means.

>  Moreover, the crop tool on
>  the Mac frequently *does not work*.

Can you be a bit more descriptive?  Whenever someone sends
me a procedure in enough detail to reproduce on my system,
I can almost always fix it quickly.

>  I known that one-man cross-platform software is tough... vuescan is
>  positively user-friendly compared to Helmut Dersch's excellent panotools
>  suite... but a tiny amount of effort here would reap a large reward.

I'm always quite happy to fix things that people report.  I
prioritize the fixes based on the number of people who report
a problem.

Ed Hamrick

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