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Re: filmscanners: Canon FS4000 vs. Nikon LS4000

Thanks for the hint. Does that also bring the IV ED
into the picture; in other words what's the difference
between the LS-40 and the IV ED?

on 7/21/01 9:12 AM, Mike Duncan at mgduncan@esper.com

>> I've just joined this maillist because I want to go
>> electronic with my slides and negatives. Currently
>> trying to decide which scanner to buy. I was ready
>> purchase the LS4000 when I stumbled across a review
>> the new Canon which on paper seems to have almost
>> same specs, but only costs about half the money.
>> Based on what I've read so far, the main
>> seem to be:
>> 1) LS4000 has better dynamic range and less noise
>> 2) FS4000 has more depth of field, i.e. scans sharp
>> the center as well as in the corners
>> 3) FS4000 has slightly better dust removal
> Don't forget the LS40: half the price of the LS4000
with nearly the same
> performance (Pop Photography says resolution is 53.5
and 60 lp/mm for the
> LS40 and LS4000, respectively.)  With Vuescan, you
can do multiscan noise
> reduction.
> For slides, low noise is important.
> Mike Duncan

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