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Re: filmscanners: Digital Copyright (off-topic)

Here's a further hint on the acceptability of CDs of scanned images. Take a 
look at  http://www.loc.gov/copyright/fls/fl107.pdf (Registration of 
Photographs). This indicates that "Two or more unpublished photographs may 
be registered as a collection if: 1. The elements are assembled in an 
orderly form; 2. The combined elements bear a single title identifying the 
collection as a whole; 3. The copyright claimant in all the elements and in 
the collection as a whole is the same; and 4. All the of the elements are 
by the same author..."

It does not specify the media in which the "orderly form" must be 
expressed, leaving open the possibility that CDs are acceptable.

I left out one step in the process I follow. I also enclose a stamped, 
self-addressed postcard that says something like:
"The stamp of the Copyright Office on this card indicates receipt of the 
following items, and upon the date noted:
1. Registration Form
2. Fee of $30.00
3. Photography by Stan McQueen, 2001 Volume 3 (CD containing scanned images)"

They stamp it with their official stamp and return it to me.

Photography by Stan McQueen: http://www.smcqueen.com


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