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RE: filmscanners: Digital Copyright

Registering a copyright in one country first gives you copyright protection
in that country even if you do not live there or are not a citizen there and
second may give you some legal standing in other countries if you should
wish to bring legal action against someone who has infringed on the
copyright in that other country.  In the later case, the copyright
registration in the US for example provides a prima facia case for
common-law legal claims in another country like Canada, UK, Australia, etc.
even if one has not formally registered the copyright in those countries and
may not be fully entitled to the complete copyright protections or punitive
damages and sanctions furnished under that copyright laws of that country.

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"Stan McQueen" <stan@smcqueen.com> wrote:
> It's a little hard to tell from your post, but I'm assuming that you are
> not arguing in opposition to registering the copyright on one's images.

What protection does registration with the *US* Copyright office offer if
the person who infringes your copyright is in another country?  Conversely,
what good does the US copyright office offer myself as an Australian
citizen?  Presumably I can't mail CDs of pictures to the USA for
registration.  I don't know of such a service in Australia.



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