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Re: filmscanners: image samples of digital artifacts

At 10:48 AM 20/07/01 +0000, Lynn wrote:
>OK, I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, that one display set to 
>factory specs (mine) shows posterization in an Internet JPEG, and two 
>others (Rafe's and Bob's) do not.
>Should Internet picture postings come with the caveat, "Warning, This 
>Picture Must Be Viewed At 48-Bits!"?  That doesn't sound altogether 
>realistic, to me. :-)

I also see a 'clean' sky in 32-bit but posterisation in 16-.

Could it be that your browser is working in 16-bit mode..? I've seen some 
older browsers do this - check the options for any funny switches, or 
perhaps you should bravely upgrade from Netscape v1.0, Lynn?  ;)

I'm assuming you've checked all the obvious stuff, like your kids sneakily 
putting your video card into 16bit mode for a game.  I've also noticed that 
flicking from one res/color depth to another can sometimes results in odd 
effects when you go back to the higher settings, so maybe it just needs a 

Failing all that, take your monitor/video card back to the supplier (at 
last, a non-Nikon fault!)



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