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Re: filmscanners: Repro issues

Dave wrote (re bad repro houses):

>It'll get better as more jobs are shot digitally.  Then the repro
>folks won't have as much incentive to sabotage jobs not scanned in
>house since there's no film anyway.

>Even with photographer supplied scans this behavior will eventually
>backfire on honery and stubborn printers because clients will just
>take jobs where they get printed well.  I have clients who trust me
>and see good results with my files from some printers and not others.
>Guess which ones will get repeat business.

Hmmmm. With all sincere respect, I think Dave under-estimates the 
stubbornness of some print houses/pressmen. :-)

However, many of the establishments I had the most trouble with are now out 
of business (not a good thing, really--they did have limited merits), or 
under new management (new devils to contend with). One wonders what it is 
that "modern businesses" don't understand about the value of repeat sales. 
Without having a well-guarded monopoly, is there any other way to continue?

It's a little like the kid who was selling pencils to pay for his college 
education. "OK," says his neigbor, "how much are they?"
"Fifty-thousand dollars," says the kid. "Isn't that an awful lot for a 
pencil?" asks the neighbor. "Yeah," says the kid, "but I only need to sell 

It's the same principle--prices may vary in your area. :-)

Best regards--LRA

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