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RE: filmscanners: Link to Nikon 8000 banding example...

> On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Austin Franklin wrote:
> > > Just a thought. Do you get stop/start motion of the film carrier
> > > because of
> > > spooling, during the actual scanning process?
> >
> > I understand your point, but...the scanner stops for every line
> anyway, it
> > has to...it's just a matter of how long it stops, so providing
> there isn't
> > some some race condition that this long stopping exacerbates,
> the stopping
> > "should", mechanically, not make any difference.
> Austin, this "ratcheting" motion is common on
> many scanners, both film and flatbed.  It's a
> function of how much RAM is available within
> the scanner firmware.  If the firmware handles
> it properly it's not a problem.  If there's
> a small buffer, the scan mechanism is gated
> by the next processing block to receive the
> scan data.
> My SprintScan would do it from time to time,
> and I must admit I was rather concerned the
> first time I saw it behave that way.
> rafe b.


Exactly, and that's my point.  If what was suggested is an issue, these guys
made a very basic design flaw...which I am hard pressed to believe they did,
so I question this being a problem.

I'd like to get together when I get back, and see this first hand, if you
don't mind.  Plus I'd like to bring a few negatives scanned on the
"unmentionable" scanner and see how your Nikon does with it.  While your
Nikon is gone, if you want to borrow my Leaf 35, you're welcome to.  I'll be
developing film for at least a week after this trip...so I'll hardly miss



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