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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Service

I'm on my third film scanner, and have never bought
the same brand twice, but this was certainly not due
to dissatisfaction with the product's reliability. It
is more due to the product selection/price at each
purchase. I started out with an original HP Photosmart
scanner and moved up to a Canon 2710. HP certainly
didn't offer a product with better scanning ability
than the orignal (I consider the USB an equal item,
and though HP included drivers for USB with NT 4, I
didn't want to try my luck <g>). The Canon served my
needs quite well and produced scans of noticeably
higher quality than the HP. Eventually I sold it in
order to get a Minolta Scan Elite because I wanted
Digital ICE and single pass multi scanning. The new
Canon that is just now coming on the market has the
operational equivalent of ICE, but I don't think it
supports single pass multi scanning. Also, the Minolta
only cost $699 from B&H. I'm just a hobbyist, so
ultimate scan quality isn't a business and survival
necessity. The new 4000 dpi looked interesting but
were too expensive for me. The SS4000 is the right
price now, but I don't wan to upgrade now.

So in short, none of my experiences would prevent me
from considering the manufacturers I have experience
with, but I won't forgo functionality I want in order
to stay in their camp.

--- Raphael Bustin <rafeb@channel1.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Lynn Allen wrote:
> > Rafe wrote:
> > 
> > >I'd be curious to know, among veteran film-
> > >scanner users, whether there's any brand
> > >loyalty at all.  Anybody out there buy the
> > >same brand twice?
> > 
> > I'm every bit as "brand loyal" as the brands (and
> suppliers) are loyal to me 
> > and my goals. If it works like it's supposed to
> work, I'll stick with it. 
> > When they stick it *to me*, it's "Adios."  :-)
> Aw, c'mon Lynn, just answer the question. It's
> really simple.
> Ever bought the same brand of film scanner twice?
> I sure haven't.
> rafe b.

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