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RE: filmscanners: Nikon MF LED light source...

I bought my first scanner, the Primefilm 1800, cos it is cheap (120).  And
the LS40 because it is the cheapest with ICE-cubed (I'm now using all 3
parts of it, and I'm doing almost no editing in PS, except for cropping and
basic exposure curves).

I've always thought of myself as relatively immune to marketing...


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> Sent: 18 July 2001 18:11
> To: 'filmscanners@halftone.co.uk'
> Subject: RE: filmscanners: Nikon MF LED light source...
> > > **In any case as we know and has already been discussed many times on
> > > this list, the **quoted** dynamic range is usually based on
> the num of
> > > A/D bits and so is not related to either Dmax OR Dmin in any case!
> >
> Once one manufacture starts doing this the others would be crazy not to
> follow suit.  How many people look beyond the ad copy when comparing
> products?
> Scan time? Oh, we didn't include focus or saving the file or...
> Resolution? This was easy enough to check that most manufacturers
> no longer
> highlight interpolated resolution.  But some still report what the stepper
> motor will resolve or neglect (except in the fine print) to
> mention that the
> resolution is only over 35 mm, not the full 4 x 5 inches.
> Number of bits? Did we forget to mention that the14 bits is
> internally only?
> And that the last 2 bits are extrapolated from our 12 bit ADC?
> Or that the
> system has so much noise that we could have used a 10 bit ADC?
> Almost any other spec you can think of.  "How to lie with statistics".  Or
> ad copy.


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