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RE: filmscanners: Nikon MF LED light source...

> > **In any case as we know and has already been discussed many times on 
> > this list, the **quoted** dynamic range is usually based on the num of 
> > A/D bits and so is not related to either Dmax OR Dmin in any case!

Once one manufacture starts doing this the others would be crazy not to
follow suit.  How many people look beyond the ad copy when comparing

Scan time? Oh, we didn't include focus or saving the file or...

Resolution? This was easy enough to check that most manufacturers no longer
highlight interpolated resolution.  But some still report what the stepper
motor will resolve or neglect (except in the fine print) to mention that the
resolution is only over 35 mm, not the full 4 x 5 inches.

Number of bits? Did we forget to mention that the14 bits is internally only?
And that the last 2 bits are extrapolated from our 12 bit ADC?  Or that the
system has so much noise that we could have used a 10 bit ADC?

Almost any other spec you can think of.  "How to lie with statistics".  Or
ad copy.


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