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re[2]: filmscanners: Vuescan too blue

I am always typing faster than I am thinking.

I am scanning almost all negs, the latest roll is Kodak Royal 400.  I did play 
with various film base settings, some have distinctly different casts than 
others, but non I played with were better than generic.  Ed has explained this 
tries to reproduce the scene as it appeared to us, and the film settings try to 
reproduce it as the film saw the scene.  Two design goals of PhotoCD.

I often move blue down substantially, and I think this odd.  For settings I am 
normally a black point of .1
white of .1
gamma around 1.2
brightness 1.0
Autolevels used to give the best color, but now it's white balance since about 

 >>  > The last few weeks I have been having to adjust my vuescan
 >>  > created images from my Scanwit by what I think is an extreme amount.
 >>  > Usually I move red up 7 points around 150, blue down around 20 points.

 >>  Are we talking about slides or negatives?
 >>  Let's suppose we are discussing slides...

 >>  When scanning Fuji slides (100ASA) with my ScanWit I choose under the
 >>  "Color" tab for Slide
 >>  vendor "Generic" Most of the scans have the right colour for me.
 >>  When I choose Slide vendor "Kodak, Ektachrome", the colours I get are
 >>  looking wrong to me...
 >>  But with Generic they look blue compared to Kodak.

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