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RE: filmscanners: Nikon MF LED light source...

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Austin Franklin wrote:

> No, I disagree that I misrepresented anything.  The conversation wasn't
> about resolution, so what was the point of you bringing that up?  It was
> nit-picking, and not relevant to my comment.  You don't need to chime in
> with every little point.  If you do, I would expect that you would also
> chime in, every time that someone mentions the Leaf and any other
> scanner...that the other scanners can't do 4x5, and can't do 35mm at
> 5080PPI...  Honestly, it's really annoying.

Austin, I can't help but note...

You got rid of your SS 4000, because 4000 dpi 
wasn't good enough, that you really really had 
to have 5080 dpi for your 35 mm scans.

Yet when scanning 6x6, the Leaf's 2540 dpi is 
good enough, and you continue to defend the 
Leaf against the newer machines.

I can guess what your answer's going to be, but 
it sure sounds like a bit of a double-standard.

You either have to admit that a) You could be 
getting more data from your Hasselblad negatives, 
or b) Those Hasselblad lenses only have 1/2 the 
resolution of your Contax lenses.  (Comparing 
"cream of the crop" optics in both categories.)

As for scanning 4x5 at 1000 dpi, that really 
isn't saying much -- my Epson 1640SU, 
even with severely downgraded specs -- can 
almost match that.

rafe b.


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